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Contributing Your Changes

If you make any changes,

  1. First, thank you for offering to help with Code Thesaurus! The maintainers are very appreciative of this work you are doing!
  2. Second, create a pull request (PR) with your changes. Any meta language information should be made in separate PRs from language implementation changes.
  3. Your pull request should be from any branch of your fork of the code into the main branch of Code Thesaurus.
  4. As you write up your pull request, please be specific about the changes you have made. The provided PR template should help. Make sure the PR has a good title and in the description it talks about the changes that were made and the expected results of the changes. This is to ensure it can be tested properly by the maintainers.
  5. Your pull request will start a process of verification tasks. These tasks are designed to check syntax of both the site code and the language data. It will alert you to any warnings and will fail on any errors. This is ok! You can go back and fix those, and when you push your code again, it will re-run the processes. (So you don't need to close your PR if it fails.)
  6. The maintainers will review your PR and probably make constructive suggestions. This is not a reflection on your development skills but rather just to ensure compatibility with other languages or other parts of the system. You may need to make additional changes based on that feedback. But similarly you may also have ideas or your own considerations on how you did things, so you should share those in the PR or in comments too! It's a group effort!
  7. Then finally, the maintainers can merge in your changes. Congrats! You are now a part of Code Thesaurus history!

If you have any problems, please ask them in the issue or pull request and we'll work together to discuss them!

Last update: 2023-10-01